Bibbie Friman is an internationally acclaimed shamanic priestess of photography. Fluent in the language of light, she cuts through illusions with her camera, communicating through her photos the miraculous, undeniable beauty of the feminine essence. Bibbie’s photo sessions are held as a sacred ceremony in which you meet your self and come to see your own magnificence. Magic happens in the space she holds, and with the photos that result from this sacred work, there is no room left for doubt, for questioning your brilliance and divine perfection as you are. When Bibbie first picked up a camera, all the plants and animals of this world, all the women and lovers of women stood still as the sun lingered on the horizon and all fell into place. Bibbie’s divine purpose was revealed, and for the next four years, Bibbie enrolled in Nordens Photography School in Stockholm to immerse herself deeply in the magical realm of writing with light. Bibbie also studied closely with the famous Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm, who taught her how to dance with her camera and never compromise the purity of her message in her photos. She has since birthed Awakening Photography, giving voice to the ancient wisdom of the sacred feminine through images, restoring balance into a world that has lost its eye for beauty and forgotten how to praise life. Bibbie is a true medicine woman, working with the elements, the four directions, and the unspeakable language of the soul in order to communicate the divinity of the feminine and this precious life. She lives in the southern archipelagos outside Gothenburg, Sweden. She travels around the globe offering her gift of Awakening Photography to the world.


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